Zaytsevo real estate residential development

ENR is participating in a multi-phase real estate residential development south-west of Moscow in the Odintsovsky district. This development is targeted at the economy plus class market segment and is located within a popular area within the greater Moscow region, with good transport access to the city. In addition to free standing multi-story apartment buildings which are to be constructed, the greater development will include two kinder-gardens and a school, parking facilities, storage facilities, a sport field, recreational areas and social and engineering infrastructure. With quality construction, modern and efficient architectural concepts, attention to detail and a focus on the quality of living post-completion, this development is aimed to set a high quality standard when compared to large scale projects in Moscow and its greater metropolitan area. Via tranche based payments, ENR will invest approximately RUB 615 million during the first phase of the development where free standing multi-story apartment buildings comprising 100’000 square meters will be constructed, whereas ENR will have the ownership of one of the completed apartment buildings.

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