Company details

Company and Address ENR Russia Invest SA, 2-4 place du Molard, Case Postale 3458, CH-1211, Geneve 3, Switzerland.
AuditorsBDO SA (from 15 June 2017 onwards)
Management fee1.5% of average net asset value ("NAV") of ENR Russia Invest SA (plus VAT, if applicable).
Performance feeOn disposal or refinancing of a portfolio investment, a performance fee equal to 17.5% (plus VAT, if applicable) of the total net profits (sale proceeds less acquisition costs and transaction costs) realised on such investment, provided that a net hurdle rate of 8% per year was achieved.
Costs and expensesENR will reimburse its appointed agent who renders asset management services for all costs and expenses reasonably incurred in the discharge of its duties.
NAV Produced quarterly. Published on this website and from January 2014 also released as an ad hoc announcement after each calendar quarter.
Most recent NAVCHF 17.97 per share as of 30 September 2017.
ReportingPlease refer to the reporting section of this website.
SWX listed company and share details

Swiss Security Number: 3447695
ISIN Number of the shares: CH0034476959
Ticker Symbol of the shares: RUS
Number of issued shares: 2'644'402
Number of votes attached to these shares: 2'644'402
Type of shares: Bearer shares
Date (current year-end): 31 December 2017

Articles of AssociationENR Articles
Shareholders MeetingBefore 30 June 2018.
2017 Full Year Results Before 30 April 2018.
2017 Interim Financial Results29 August 2017.
Agent providing asset managment services - Valartis International Limited, B.V.I., P.O. Box 3340 Dawson Building Road Town,Tortola, British Virgin Islands
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