About us

ENR Russia Invest SA ("ENR") is a listed investment company on the SIX Stock Exchange and is a member of the Swiss Association of Investment Companies .

Since 1996, it has made investments in private equity, real estate, listed equities and fixed income instruments in entities operating in Russia and certain other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (“CIS”) and the Baltic States. These markets have strong economic fundamentals and growth potential, with many consumer base and meaningful infrastructure development.

ENR’s has made 9 investments with internal rates of return (“IRR”) ranging from 21% to 58% and 1.8 times to 9.2 times on invested capital.

Businesses positioned to benefit from high growth in consumer and business spending, companies exploiting third party natural resource extraction and mid-size infrastructure projects or companies benefitting from government or third party infrastructure developments are of interest.

Investments can range from USD 5 million - USD 15 million per investment (pre-leverage). Minority interests with appropriate protections are generally acquired (charter/ by-law provisions, shareholders’ agreements, board representation), with management driving operational business growth.

For private equity investments ENR would consider providing, inter alia, expansion capital to execute growth strategies; assistance with business planning and strategy; development of optimal corporate and capital structures; assistance with financial and management reporting; securing a strategic partner and IPO planning.

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